03 December - 05 December 2018
London, UK

Argus European LPG Markets

The only LPG event in Europe organised by a world leader in LPG benchmarking and price reporting

The LPG industry continues to face challenges from oversupply and lower crude prices, and businesses are exploring new opportunities across the globe. It is now more important than ever to assess new applications for fuel, new terminal capacity and future supply and trade flows. It is essential to be equipped with the right knowledge to ensure that you maintain your market share.

Argus European LPG Markets is your opportunity to explore the key drivers for LPG growth, identify supply and demand trends, and learn about new advancements in synthetic LPG, while networking with existing contacts and establishing new business relationships.

Key features not be missed this year

  • Competing Fuels Focus Afternoon: Join our pre-conference afternoon focusing on competing fuels: feedstocks and investments. This is an opportunity for you to understand more about feedstocks, industrial/heating and transport fuels industries that affect the LPG market, as well as investments that may follow it; all before you attend the main conference. 
  • More end user focused sessions: Uniting the expertise and practices of the entire industry, including autogas, alternative fuels, petrochemicals and the shipping sector, to discuss the demand outlook.
  • Eastern European, Mediterranean, North Sea, Black Sea, US and Asia-Pacific focused sessions: Uniting the most dominant countries and those where we are seeing movement and investment in the LPG industry. Giving all our attendees the opportunity to have a wider view of market trends and the market outlook.

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Competing Fuels: Feedstocks and Investments Focus Afternoon

Sign up for an "all access pass" to join our pre-conference day focusing on competing fuels. This is an opportunity for you to understand more about feedstock, industrial/heating and transport fuels industries, while evaluating the global picture of investment in the LPG world; all before you attend the main conference. Argus’ competing fuels focus day will give you a full breakdown on markets that affect the LPG industry.

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Last years conference provided a unique platform to understand global trading dynamics, supply and demand trends, and the changing shipping and storage landscape.170+ key representatives from across the supply chain came together for discussions that are shaping the future of the LPG industry; from suppliers, distributors and end-users, to the autogas and petrochemical industries.