04 June - 06 June 2018
Tampa, USA

Argus Added Value Fertilizers US 2018

Argus Added Value Fertilizers US took place June 4 - 6, at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel. The conference was a huge success and involved companies from across the specialty and enhanced efficiency fertilizer sector.

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers, specialties, water solubles, inhibitors, slow and controlled release micronutrients, foliar fertilizers, biostimulants – these are the biggest buzz words for anyone developing new fertilizer products.The appeal is easy to understand – for farmers, nutrient use efficiency delivers improved yields and drives cost efficiencies. And for fertilizer producers and dealers, the move away from ‘straight’ is the best opportunity for differentiation and better margins.

2018 speakers included:

  • Alan Blaylock, Agronomy Manager, Nutrien
  • Tommy Roach, Director, Product Development & Specialty Products, Nachurs Alpine
  • Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz, Associate Professor, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management, Kansas State University
  • Amy Yoder, President and CEO, Anuvia
  • Galen Mooso, North American Agronomy Manager, J.R. Simplot Company
  • Dr. Sally Flis, Director of Agronomy, The Fertilizer Institute
  • Nils Berger, Fertilizer Application Consultancy, Eurochem
  • Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia
  • Paul Reising, Director of Strategic Product Management, Actagro
  • Lauren Williamson, SVP, Fertilizers, Argus
  • Ido Horresh, Commercial Director for CRF and Biostimulants, Haifa Chemicals
  • Ming Xian Fan, Director, International Zinc Association
  • Dale Edgington, Purchasing & Production Manager, Advanced Micronutrient Products
  • Stanley Mickels, Agronomist/President, UlexAndes-USA
  • Blake Hurtik, Editor, North American Fertilizers, Argus
  • Rolf Härdter, Head of Global Agronomic Services, K+S
  • Tom Bruulsema, Vice President, Americas & Research, IPNI
  • José Nolasco Bethencourt, Strategy and Innovation Director, Tradecorp International
  • Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus

Highlights from Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2018

The first Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe took place on 12-14 February in Madrid, Spain. Over 150 delegates from 81 companies attended the event, such as:

  • ICL Fertilizers
  • Actagro
  • OCP Group
  • PhosAgro
  • Valagro
  • UralChem
  • Van Iperen
  • Prayon and many more