19 April - 22 April 2021
Online events

Argus Global Festival of Biomass

Join biomass leaders for 4 days of in-depth debate and unique networking experiences

Argus Global Festival of Biomass is a free-to-attend collection of webinars, roundtables and virtual networking events for the global biomass industry. Interactive webinars and roundtables will explore topics of critical market importance and provide an opportunity to address a highly focused and specialised topic with influential decision makers. Curated networking opportunities including hosted drinks receptions, cocktail making masterclasses or wine tasting sessions will offer a new and unique way to connect with key market participants during these unprecedented times.
The festival offers unique but limited opportunities for companies who wish to engage with the attendees by showcasing their credentials through thought leadership, generating brand awareness and new business leads. Download your copy of the sponsorship brochure to learn more.


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Topics on the agenda will include:

  • The role of ports and logistics

    The role of ports and logistics companies in supporting the trade and use of biomass.
  • Technological developments

    The latest technological developments in the production, transportation, storage and use of biomass.
  • Support from pellet producers

    How pellet producers are supporting their customers and expanding their end-use markets.
  • Supply centres

    Spotlighting emerging supply centres.
  • Utilities fuel portfolio

    How utilities are incorporating, managing and expanding the use of biomass within their fuel portfolios.

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Download your copy of the brochure to view sponsorship opportunities at the Argus Global Festival of Biomass.