14 October - 16 October 2018
Miami, Florida

Argus Fuel Oil Summit

The 38th Argus Fuel Oil Summit returns to Miami October 14-16, 2018!

The fuel oil and bunker markets continue to be a major focus of discussion, uncertainty and opportunity. The IMO Marpol regulation still have vast uncertainties on how this will affect the residual bunker market and 202 is quickly approaching. What will compliance look like? How will regulations be enforced? What will the penalties be?

Even aside from the new sulfur standards, what is the anticipated outlook for the VGO and heavy feedstocks markets? What equipment will refiners need to invest in how large will the expected financial commitment be? What is the outlook for utilities around the globe to use oil as a generation fuel? With all these looming uncertainties, how do cash-strapped shipping industry deal with the tough investment decisions it faces?


Attend the Argus Fuel Summit to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the global residue markets
  • Hear experts focus in on new regulations, changing demand, and refinery economics and more
  • Network and exchange ideas with over 200 delegates from the marine fuels sector

Who attends?

Managers, Directors, Vice Presicents and C-Suite market participants, including:

  • Refiners
  • Wholesale residue and feedstock physical and paper traders
  • Marine fuel suppliers, traders and brokers
  • Bunker buyers, ship owners and ship charterers
  • Asphalt producers and refiners
  • Electric power producers burning residue
  • Power marketers or developers