Sulphur and sulphuric acid prices, forecasts and analysis

Sulphur and sulphuric acid prices, forecasts and analysis

The sulphur market has become more volatile in recent years, as forecasts of extreme global oversupply failed to come to fruition. But as new projects on both the demand and supply side are expected in the near future, and an increasing number of market players turn to fixed-term contracts, fundamental changes could occur once again. Clear guidance on pricing and market fundamentals is key during such periods of change.

China and the Middle East continue to be key influential regions when market clarity is sought. This is not likely to change as China maintains its position as the world’s biggest consumer of sulphur and the Middle East continues to dominate as the world’s biggest producer and export region. But, particularly after the unexpected developments in the global sulphur market in 2017, clear and concise analysis and commentary are vital.

The global sulphuric acid industry has undergone structural change in recent years and new capacities will continue to challenge the balance in the years to come. While demand will be driven by fertilizers, predominantly increased production of phosphate and ammonium sulphates, the market will continue to be exposed to short-term supply shocks, especially from the metals sector.

We provide news and analysis on the global sulphuric acid market, backed by expertise on related fertilizer, metals and industrial markets.

Argus has nearly 40 years of experience in covering fertilizer markets, boasting unrivalled global editorial reach —from Singapore to London to Rio — meaning our editors are closer to these markets than anyone else. Our sulphur and sulphuric acid services benefit from Argus’ wider experience in related markets such as oil, gas and finished fertilizers, helping to support a rich context and understanding of pricing points and market movements.

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