Argus IMO 2020 News and Insights

Argus IMO 2020 News and Insights

Market reporting

Argus helps you prepare for IMO 2020 through various daily, weekly and monthly price reporting services.

As shipowners, traders, and refiners around the world prepare for the upcoming marine fuel sulphur cap, Argus is tracking supply and demand developments at key locations. From Singapore and Rotterdam to New York and the US Gulf coast, we deliver daily insight on deals done, trade volumes, and other market activity.

Explore some of our services

  • ARGUS Marine Fuels

    The Argus Marine Fuels service is your comprehensive source of daily bunker prices for all key global markets, plus the latest market-moving news and data.
  • ARGUS Marine Fuels Outlook

    The Argus Marine Fuels Outlook is a quarterly service that provides news and insight, market fundamentals data and price forecasts for marine fuels two years ahead.
  • ARGUS Asia-Pacific Products

    The Argus Asia-Pacific Products service includes a daily report that provides prices and commentary on the bulk spot markets for petroleum products in Asia-Pacific.
  • ARGUS European Products

    Our flagship petroleum products service, the Argus European Products service is your must-have source of the Argus Rotterdam Eurobob gasoline assessment.
  • ARGUS US Products

    Argus US Products is your comprehensive intelligence and pricing service for all motor fuels including gasoline, blend stocks, diesel, jet and renewable fuels, with price assessments delivered at 3:45 pm central.
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Key price assessments

As the industry eyes existing and emerging fuel types for marine use, Argus delivers accurate, timely price assessments aligned to the latest market movement. In 2018, Argus introduced the industry’s first IMO-compliant fuel price assessment for fuel oil in Singapore. We have since added price assessments of both fuel oil and marine gasoil (MGO) for other global hubs at Rotterdam, New York and the US Gulf coast.

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We bring together industry leaders and Argus experts at conferences designed to keep you informed of the latest developments relating to IMO 2020.

In the lead up to the January 2020 compliance deadline, Argus conferences will cover not only the markets directly impacted by the IMO cap—like bunker fuels—but also those product areas expected to see significant knock-on effects.

Argus Analytics

Consulting studies and training

The Argus Consulting Services team is ready to help address specific challenges to your projects and planning ahead of IMO 2020. Whether you are contemplating a scrubber installation or eyeing potential refinery updates, our experts apply their industry insights to your business. Throughout the year, we also present marine-fuels–focused training sessions to help you better plan for the impending sulphur cap. View our conferences listing to see the next IMO training at a location near you.

News and insights

In addition to daily price reporting, Argus also publishes market-moving news to provide better context for your IMO 2020 decisions.