ARGUS Russian Generation Fuels and Power

The Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power service includes a weekly report in Russian covering domestic electricity, coal, fuel oil and natural gas markets.

The report includes price assessments, exclusive news, analysis and detailed industry statistics. Market reports cover coal price movements in Russia, data on coal production in Russia and Kazakhstan, supply and demand for coal and other fuels in the Russian market, freight rates for transporting coal by rail in Russia, and results of trading in electric power and capacity.

The publication also reports shutdowns at power plants and in energy distribution systems, changes in power generation capacities, regional energy balances and other fundamentals that influence the fuel and energy market.


  • Independent analysis and assessment of the coal, natural gas and electric power markets
  • Coverage of the latest developments in the coal, gas and energy industries
  • Statistical data critical for coal producers, suppliers and consumers
  • Transparent methodology

Markets covered

  • Price assessments for the domestic Russian coal market and Russian coal price netback
  • Long-term coal contracts for generation companies and utilities
  • Russian fuel oil market overview
  • Power and capacity trading results
  • Regulated natural gas tariffs
  • Power generation costs for different types of fuel in a number of Russian regions (spark and dark spreads)
  • Coal supply statistics by producer and destination

Key features

  • Prices for Kazakh coal in Russia
  • Railway tariffs for coal transportation in Russia
  • Results of trading in electric power and capacity
  • Efficiency of electric power generation (spark spread)
  • Statistics for coal production by region and producer
  • Production and consumption of electric power

Customers that benefit

The information provided in the Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power service is essential for power generation market participants. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Coal producers use the price assessments provided in the report as a reference when negotiating contract prices for coal.
  • Coal traders use the data for trading and market analysis.
  • Electric power producers and consumers use the information when researching the market for power plant fuel, and are aware of the results in power and capacity trading.
  • Analysts and consultants use the data to evaluate the market environment.
  • Participants in the fuel and energy sector use the information to assess the outlook for the market and potential risks.


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