03 diciembre - 04 diciembre 2019
Houston, Texas, US

Argus US LPG and Petrochemical Feedstocks

  • 14:00
  • -
  • 17:00
  • Understanding best practice and offering practical examples on how to bring LPG to market with improved infrastructure and logistics
  • An overview of global trade flows and new demand centers opening up
  • Where do we see new shipping and trucking routes – to Asia, S. USA, Europe and the Far East?
  • What are the main logistical and infrastructure hurdles for exporting LPG?
  • Investing in logistical solutions including storage and pipelines to improve operations
  • Working closely with partners and putting together a risk assessment 

Who is this workshop for?

 This workshop is designed for LPG players based in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India and Europe, looking to buy or sell NGLs and overcome the main logistical hurdles in doing business. It's designed for VP of Midstream, Heads of LPG and NGL, LPG Supply and Logistical Managers who are looking to restructure their supply chain and secure future contracts, and for Purchasing Managers, who are looking to secure new supply at the right price.

Why you should attend the workshop?

Your time spent at the workshop will involve collaborating with global LPG experts on how to overcome the main bottlenecks with getting LPG to new markets. You will have the opportunity to build solid foundations for future business, and really get to grips of the US LPG supply landscape and how to work successfully in new markets. Explore best practices in building infrastructure and improve operational efficiency across the supply chain.