October 2020

DEF Forum North America

DEF Awards

The information below relates to The DEF Awards 2019. Please check back for further announcements for the 2020 event. 

The judging panel

  • Rick Long - Petroleum Equipment Institute 
  • Ed Eaton - ASTM International
  • Allen Shaeffer - Diesel Technology Forum
  • Virind Gujral - Penske Truck Leasing

Award categories

When nominating for this category you should consider innovative new equipment/technology designs, significant improvements made to existing equipment/technology, ease of application and use, and ability of equipment/technology to resolve unique industry challenges. This category applies to manufacturers or suppliers of DEF equipment and technology.

This category recognizes organizations who have contributed to a greater understanding of what SCR technology and DEF is, the advantages this brings for customers, the important role SCR/DEF plays to improve air quality, or the need to protect the quality of DEF. This category is open to any organization active in the North American market.

This category recognizes females in the industry who have demonstrated outstanding leadership. This category applies to female leaders in any part of the DEF industry including producers, transportation companies, distributors, and equipment suppliers.

This category recognizes the achievements of an individual within the DEF industry who has had a positive influence on the DEF industry as a whole. This category applies to all individuals in the DEF supply chain including but not limited to DEF producers, blenders, equipment suppliers, and distributors.

This category recognizes organizations within the DEF industry whose methods, technologies or systems for the transportation of DEF and/or DEF raw materials has contributed to the growth and development of the industry. This category is open to companies involved in the transportation of DEF or DEF raw materials from urea plants to end customers, including urea producers, DEF producers and distributors, railroad companies, road transportation, and equipment suppliers.

Judging criteria


  • Individual criteria differ by category, but the emphasis is on the overall quality of the entry: the merits of the claims to innovation, integrity, effectiveness, creativity, growth, etc.
  • Judges will value clear and concise entries that are supported by facts and evidence, and do not exceed the word limit.
  • All entries are first reviewed by the DEF Awards team to ensure that eligibility requirements are met, that entries are formatted properly in order to go forward to be judged, and that entries have been submitted in appropriate categories.
  • All judges receive written instructions about how to score entries.
  • Judges will read and pre-score all entry forms, considering any supporting materials submitted.
  • Judges will be asked to give a score for each question within the entry form – 1 (not very impactful on the industry) to 10 (very impactful on the industry).
  • These scores will be combined to give an overall score for each entry. 
  • If you have any queries, please contact The DEF Awards team at integercfn@argusmedia.com.