04 septiembre - 06 septiembre 2019
Minsk, Belarus

Argus FSU Fertilizer 2019 ― Production, Trading and Logistics in the CIS and Baltics

Fertilizer market participants met at the Argus conference in Minsk

The international conference “Argus FSU Fertilizer 2019 ― Production, Trading and Logistics in the CIS and Baltics” was held in Minsk on 4-6 September. The event, organised by global independent price reporting agency Argus, brought together fertilizer producers, suppliers, traders, representatives of transportation, logistics and engineering companies for the third time.

The partner of the conference was Belaruskali, one of the world's largest fertilizer producers and suppliers. The event was sponsored by the Belarusian Potash Company. The sessions were sponsored by the Gomel Chemical Plant, Grodno Azot and Koida Nova.

The event brought together more than 150 industry representatives from 20 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland.

As part of the business programme, the conference participants discussed a number of key issues, including the performance of fertilizer producers in the FSU, increasing the attractiveness of regional markets for fertilizer producers from the FSU, changing the geography of exports, increasing production and expanding the range of chloride-free potash fertilizers of various grades, etc.

Argus Media head in Russia and the FSU, Mikhail Doubik, and Belarusian Potash Company general director Elena Kudryavets gave a welcoming address to the guests.

The first session of the conference started with a report by Argus Potash editor Ewan Thomson on the global potash market. Ewan presented short-term and long-term market outlooks, in which he noted prices are influenced by such unpredictable factors as global politics.

The topic was continued by IFA's analytics department head Marina Simonova, who shared a medium-term fertilizer market outlook. Marina presented an overview of the key regional trends and a forecast of supply and demand in the global fertilizer market. She noted the growing interest in fertilizers in the US, India, Brazil and other countries. Overall, IFA expects global demand to increase by 1.1pc/yr until the 2023-24 agricultural year.

Belaruskali chief executive Ivan Golovaty spoke on production capacities expansion. In his report, he stated that Belaruskali had reserves and mineral resources of potash salts available until 2142.

The second session of the conference was dedicated to regional markets and their growing attractiveness for fertilizer producers from the FSU. As part of the discussions, the Association of Agrochemical Producers, Importers and Traders of Ukraine’s head, Sergey Ruban, gave an overview of the agrochemical sector of Ukraine; Polish Agro representative Wojciech Smolarski  delivered a report on Poland’s fertilizer requirement; and head of the representative office of the Dehkanabad Potash Plant, Khamidila Shermatov, presented an overview of the chemical industry of Uzbekistan.

During the business programme, the participants also discussed the market for special and value-added fertilizers, and the infrastructure and related services.

On the final day of the conference, a tour of Belaruskali’s potash mine in Soligorsk was given. The participants, together with the employees of the mine, visited one of the mine departments at a depth of more than 500m and saw the process of mining in more detail. We thank all the participants of the conference and look forward to seeing you at future events dedicated to the fertilizer market.