November 2020
Online event

Argus LPG Awards of Excellence

Celebrating achievements in the LPG industry

This year is especially important as we celebrate the resilience of individuals and companies as they navigate Covid-19 while showcasing compassion, courage and adaptability. We recognise businesses that are shaping the future of the LPG industry and the Argus LPG Awards of Excellence 2020 will shine the spotlight on top performers, outstanding achievements and innovation.  

This is also an important global initiative that creates an exchange of knowledge and experience that will contribute significantly to the evolution of the LPG global community. 


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The awards process

What's new for 2020

The key theme to the Argus LPG Awards is ‘Innovation and resilience in a sustainable world’.

At a time when we are all confronted by the current daily challenges and uncertainty of what the next few months will bring, this year’s Argus LPG Awards will keep the focus on the celebration of such a great, innovative industry and the people who work in it. This is why the 2020 awards are open to entries and nominations from across the globe. From Europe to Asia, the US to Australia, the awards will celebrate worldwide projects, innovations, people and teams.

Two new awards categories

As an indication of the importance of innovation and technology in the LPG industry, the Argus LPG Awards will also showcase and celebrate trailblazing technological developments from around the world. These products and services drive growth in the market and create new opportunities for the LPG industry - be a part of these awards acknowledges the entire ecosystem on a global scale.

The Argus LPG Awards is a date to look forward to in your diary, an opportunity for the LPG industry to reset, as well as learn best practices to take into 2021.

Argus eLPG Week

The awards will coincide with the industry leading eLPG Week (2 - 6 November 2020). Winners will be notified through email and videos of winning speeches will be hosted on the awards website as well as the e-LPG platform and app. 

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2020 award categories

In this dynamic trading and business environment, judges will be looking for entries from either domestic or international traders that have shown creativity in trade activities. Entries should showcase success and leadership in adapting to changes in trade flows, and the opening up new supply sources and demand centres in support of the LPG community and local economies. Judges will be looking for individuals who are committed to long-term sustainable business partnerships, who can demonstrate success in new regions, work collaboratively with any logistical partners, and whose company has gained ground on their market competitors. Judges will consider trading activities, contracts or partnerships established between July 2019 and August 2020.

Amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, this award will look to recognise companies that demonstrate innovation, resilience and sustainability despite the tough circumstances. Entries should showcase how they had to pivot and build in digital resiliency to ensure continuity in customer experience, operational efficiency and competitive edge. Judges will be looking for examples of how digital transformation for these companies has driven positive outcomes such as streamlining processes, harnessing data or shaping entirely new ways of doing business. There will be consideration of policies and practices to meet employees’ needs during this challenging time.

Entries for the technology award are open to technology companies or individuals working for the benefit of the LPG industry. This award is for technology in its broadest sense, whether that be engineering, HSE, digital or any other technology that adds value to the LPG industry and the people that work in it. This category celebrates those companies, individuals or industry associations that have excelled at developing and deploying innovative technology. Entrants must demonstrate that they have developed new technology, deployed technology successfully or played a key role in its uptake across the industry. Judges will be looking for technology that has made the LPG industry safer, more successful and more sustainable. The winner will be picked based on a technological solution that is one-of-a-kind and evidently improved the LPG business. Judges will consider new technologies that were deployed from June 2019.

Judges will be looking for associations with innovative government programmes that enable businesses to connect and grow. Entries should also showcase policies that drive progress towards sustainability. Submissions must provide examples of how the association has had a direct impact on changing legislation, government incentives, new regulations or industry investments. For this award, the industry will celebrate the association on the clarity of its roadmap and the results it has achieved. This category is limited to national associations and excludes regional and international associations. Judges will consider all programmes, those in effect and those scheduled to continue into 2021.

In partnership with eLPG Week

This years' Argus LPG Awards have partnered with WLPGA and will run alongside the eLPG Week. Winners will be notified through email and videos of winning speeches will be hosted on the awards website as well as the e-LPG platform and app.
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