Argus' weekly fertilizer reports give you the professional, specialist tools you need to meet the demands of today's global fertilizer markets.


From global coverage of the major fertilizer markets to regional and speciality reports, we provide the clearest, most accurate and reliable price assessments, news and analysis available anywhere. We have more than 30 people around the globe focused on fertilizer markets, so we are equipped to respond rapidly in bringing you up-to-date with the most recent developments and to analyse their impact.


We also provide in-depth, reliable market forecasting services and specialty reports for global fertilizer markets. Our monthly outlooks provide insightful short-term intelligence on market prices and fundamentals, while our long-term forecast services offer you crucial global analysis for the next 15 years together with access to comprehensive market data.


Our specialist reports offer a detailed view of emerging markets, such as those in sub-Saharan Africa and for specialty fertilizers, and we provide fully bespoke and multi-client consulting solutions, including market-specific research and analysis.

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Nitrogen markets, especially urea, are shifting as trade evolves, and price volatility will be a feature of the market to come. We have experienced reporters to help you understand the trends.


Significant adjustments in the global ammonia supply and demand chain have created volatility, but our services give you the insight to do business confidently.


The evolving phosphates market necessitates real expertise and experience in assessing prices, backed up by a rigorous methodology.


We help you assess and understand fundamental variables in the potash market and reveal how and to what extent they will affect the sector in the years and decades to come.


The NPKs market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and our unrivalled global reach in terms of editorial resource means our editors are close to the markets.

Sulphur and sulphuric acid

Our sulphur and sulphuric acid services benefit from our wider experience in related markets such as oil, natural gas and finished fertilizers.

Regional fertilizer

As well as global services that provide insight across all key international markets, Argus also publishes regional reports that provide dedicated analysis of specific countries or regions.

Specialty fertilizer

Argus' exclusive portfolio of specialty fertilizer services offers you in-depth insight into this emerging market and the benefits of entry.

Fertilizer production and trade flow maps

  • Africa Fertilizer Map

    Understand production capacities and trade flows across Africa including OCP's export commitments.
  • Brazil Fertilizer Map

    Explore Brazil's domestic fertilizer production and imports, as well as distribution hubs and truck routes.
  • North America Fertililzer Map

    Assess fertilizer production capacities across North America including Mexico and Trinidad.

Get fertilizer data with ARGUS Direct and ARGUS Analytics

The Argus Direct platform line includes premium options to deliver reports, prices, market insight and news instantly to you, and the Argus Analytics platform offers clients access to Argus’ broad and trusted range of fundamentals and pricing data, all in one place. The Argus Direct platform is fully customisable and its intuitive interface is easy to set up so customers can quickly build unique dashboards. The Argus Analytics platform uses an Excel add-in for users to view and manipulate the universe of historical and forecast data to assist personalised research. Our options offer clear advantages to fertilizer market participants; watch our demonstrations below to learn more.

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We are dedicated to covering fertilizer markets around the world, and our services will help you find the prices and news you need to track the industry. We have offerings for all types of fertilizers, and we can also put fertilizers into context within the larger commodity landscape since we also have a deep knowledge of related markets. We invite you to explore our services and see which one may best fit your business.

Mercado relacionado: Gas natural / GNL

Argus es una fuente única de información de precios, noticias, análisis de expertos y datos analísticos para los mercados internacionales de gas natural a nivel y GNL. Si necesita tener acceso a precios e índices, comentarios de expertos e información de mercado para la planeación de su negocio, en Argus le ofrecemos la visión y toda la información que necesita.

Mercado relacionado: Bioenergía

Argus reporta a diario los precios spot y las noticias de los mercados internacionales de biocombustible, etanol, materias primas y biomasa, incluyendo virutas y gránulos de madera (wood chips and pellets). Nuestros precios de biocombustible se han convertido en referencia estándar de la industria europea, mientras que los reportes del continente americano continúan desarrollándose en mercados en crecimiento como América Latina.

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Argus Direct es la plataforma de nueva generación de Argus Media. Es la forma óptima para tener acceso a nuestros reportes, precios, análisis de mercado, datos analíticos y noticias. Esta interfaz es intuitiva, fácil de configurar y los usuarios pueden rápidamente crear un portal personalizado que le ofrezca acceso instantáneo a precios, gráficas, noticias y análisis claves. Obtenga más información sobre Argus Direct y sobre otras formas de llevarle la información que necesita para optimizar su negocio.

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