Gas Natural/GNL

Gas Natural/GNL

Gas Natural/GNL

Argus is your irreplaceable source of price information, news, expert analysis and fundamentals data for international natural gas and LNG markets. 

Whether you need access to key gas prices and indexes, expert commentary on all the latest industry developments, or market data to aid your business planning, we give you the information you need and the expert view to understand it.

Our key prices

Argus prices are relied upon by energy companies, governments, banks, regulators, exchanges and many other organizations as independent, trusted benchmarks. They are used as reference prices in physical supply and derivative contracts, for mark-to-market purposes, as indication of value for tax assessment, for risk management and for strategic analysis and planning.

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Explore our featured services

  • ARGUS European Natural Gas

    Your reliable source of daily European gas prices, including key indexes, market-moving news and expert commentary .
  • ARGUS LNG Daily

    Find LNG spot price assessments, shipping movements, market-moving news and expert commentary.
  • ARGUS Natural Gas Americas

    Daily prices for over 100 hubs in the US and Canada alongside national and regional news and expert analysis.

Explore all our natural gas/LNG market services

Track markets effectively with our reliable, expert view of the global natural gas and LNG industry. Access trusted, independent prices, news and analysis, delivered by a team with deep and extensive knowledge of both established and developing markets. Our specialist services provide invaluable insight, enhanced by the context we can provide of the larger energy landscape and related markets. Explore the services here to see how we can best help your business.

Frequently downloaded natural gas/LNG methodologies

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  • ARGUS Gas Connections

    Independent insight into the latest developments moving European gas supply and demand, production, policies and transportation
  • ARGUS Global LNG

    Offering independent intelligence on international LNG markets and featuring news, analysis and opinion to meet the demand for high-level data and strategic information
  • ARGUS Latin America Energy

    The authoritative source for news, prices and analysis on the Latin America oil, natural gas and electricity sectors
Argus platforms

Plataformas Argus y métodos de entrega

Argus Direct es la plataforma de nueva generación de Argus Media. Es la forma óptima para tener acceso a nuestros reportes, precios, análisis de mercado, datos analíticos y noticias. Esta interfaz es intuitiva, fácil de configurar y los usuarios pueden rápidamente crear un portal personalizado que le ofrezca acceso instantáneo a precios, gráficas, noticias y análisis claves. Obtenga más información sobre Argus Direct y sobre otras formas de llevarle la información que necesita para optimizar su negocio.

Consulting services

Companies operating in the natural gas markets today face a wide range of challenges and opportunities. By blending expertise, comprehensive knowledge of gas and LNG markets and access to a wealth of data, our consulting teams offer tailored research and solutions to help clients succeed.

Learn more about our natural gas and LNG consulting projects.

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Argus produce información y servicios para mercados globales, lo cual incluye que Argus comparta su información personal con compañías del grupo Argus y proveedores de servicios que están basados dentro y fuera del Área Económica Europea (EEA por sus siglas en ingles). Utilizaremos su información con discreción de acuerdo con nuestra política de privacidad. Tome un momento para completar la información a continuación.

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