18-19 November 2021
Saint Petersburg / Virtual

Argus Petrochemicals 2021. CIS and Global Markets.

The spread of coronavirus infection has been a tough test for the global economy, and the petrochemical industry is no exception among the sectors that have felt the impact from the pandemic. The current situation has revealed a number of trends, which may greatly influence the industry’s future development and its place in the modern world.

Among the pending questions are: Have all the market participants coped with the changes occurred, and what lessons have they learned? What impact did the pandemic have on the consumption structure and the profitability of petrochemicals production, and how long will this impact last? What adjustments has the pandemic made to the investment plans of manufacturers?
Our conference will become a platform for discussing key events in the petrochemical industry in the CIS and the world. 

Main topics

  • Petrochemical industry in the world and the CIS -- current state and outlook
  • State support of the industry and the intentions of manufacturers to accept it
  • Petrochemical projects in the CIS: taking advantage of export potential or focusing on local markets?
  • Russia’s polyolefin market: growing supply and its impact on prices and trade flows
  • Growth potential of export markets: polyolefins, methanol, rubbers, aromatic hydrocarbons, high-octane components
  • Digitalization in the industry: current trends and outlook
  • Securing project financing: critical issues and ways to solve them
  • "Green" petrochemicals: an effective business diversification solution or a tribute to fashion?
  • The importance of sustainable development for the petrochemical industry and the integrated approach of global companies
  • Cross-border carbon regulation in the EU: an update from Brussels and implications for the CIS petrochemical exporters

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Excursion to the SGS test сenter included within the agenda

Excursion to the SGS test сenter included within the agenda

The SGS test сenter in St. Petersburg has become company’s largest multi-laboratory hub in Eastern Europe by moving to new facilities and combining various lines of research of hydrocarbon materials under one roof.

What you can expect:

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  • Expert insights

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