Nitrogen prices, forecasts and analysis

Nitrogen prices, forecasts and analysis

Our nitrogen coverage is extensive, and includes urea, UAN, ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate. We track the factors that will determine the future of each market. For example, the urea market is witnessing major changes to supply patterns following a glut of new capacity in 2016-17 and the decline of China as a major exporter. Key import markets such as the US and India are shrinking, forcing a re-orientation of urea trade to countries in Latin America, Europe and southeast Asia.

A period of profound oversupply has ended and producers can look forward to improving prices. But price volatility remains high in the highly seasonal urea business and will be a feature of the market for years to come. This places a premium on experienced reporting to understand the underlying trends and cover a fast-moving market.

Argus’ staff in London have more than 40 years of experience in covering this market, backed by editorial resources in Moscow, Houston, Singapore, Brazil and China, keeping us closer to these markets than anyone else.

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ARGUS Nitrogen

The Argus Nitrogen service is your trusted source for weekly worldwide developments in nitrogen fertilizers – urea, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate and UAN.

ARGUS Monthly Urea Outlook

Get a rolling price forecast for the next three months and three quarters, along with forward-looking analysis of global urea supply, demand and trade flows.

ARGUS Urea Analytics

Take advantage of comprehensive urea data from 2005-31 including pricing, capacity, trade, and supply and demand balances, together with quarterly price forecasts and in-depth analysis of the long-term outlook.

ARGUS Fertilizer Europe

Published fortnightly, access leading information and pricing for the domestic European fertilizer market, covering all major fertilizer commodities with more than 40 price assessments.

ARGUS Fertilizer Africa

The Argus Fertilizer Africa service delivers a monthly report which provides market information, regulatory developments and pricing for the growing and increasingly strategically important African fertilizer market. It provides commentary and pricing by market segment (such as nitrogen, phosphates and NPKs) and by country, covering the entire African continent.

ARGUS Sub-Saharan Africa Fertilizers

Explore this rapidly growing market with in-depth coverage of available resources, market analysis for nitrogen, phosphate, potash and NPK fertilizers and detailed country studies.

ARGUS Fertilizer Brazil

Get detailed coverage of Brazil’s four main trading regions, with 47 key price assessments and analysis of opportunities, trade and price trends.

ARGUS North American Fertilizer

Offering you detailed coverage of North American fertilizer markets, including more than 45 price assessments and barge freight assessments to 17 river destinations.

Argus Fertilizer and Agriculture Asia

The Argus Fertilizer Agriculture Asia service delivers a quarterly report which provides policy changes, environmental impacts, supply-side developments and factors influencing demand for the Asian fertilizer and agriculture sectors. The report takes full advantage of Argus’ network of editors and reporters in Singapore and across Asia who cover these markets.

ARGUS Russian Fertilizer Netbacks

Access price assessments for fertilizers in the Russian domestic market, along with industry news and analysis of supply and demand.

Fertilizer Focus

Fertilizer Focus is the world's leading bi-monthly journal serving the international fertilizer industry, covering medium- and long-term developments across fertilizer markets, alongside logistics, plant and project news.

Argus Technical Grade Urea (TGU) Analytics

Access essential analysis of market drivers, supply, demand, trade and other fundamentals for the use of industrial grade urea. We review regional supply/demand balances, surpluses and deficits of material, international trade opportunities and TGU producers’ cost and pricing.

The Global UAN Market Outlook

The Global UAN Market Outlook report provides a five-year forecast of UAN supply, demand, trade, prices and production costs, coupled with essential analysis and insight into market developments. We provide a comprehensive look at the future UAN market balance, taking into account the influences that are leading to substantial market growth.