Argus LNG freight rates

Argus LNG freight rates

In an increasingly dynamic LNG market, participants need a trusted benchmark to capture and manage freight price risk.

Argus’ LNG freight day rates are the robust and representative assessments that the industry needs for demurrage contracts, long-term charter agreements, and to settle financial instruments used for hedging, trading and inter-regional arbitrage.

To boost transparency in this crucial market, we are making two of our key day rates available to all in a weekly summary. 

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Price trends

Laden day rates for tri-fuel diesel electric vessels ($/day):

Argus to launch new LNG Round Voyage Rates

From 25 October, Argus will publish LNG freight Round Voyage Rates for benchmark routes for tri-fuel/dual-fuel diesel electric (TFDE/DFDE) vessels. The Argus Round Voyage Rate (ARV) represents the amount payable by the charterer to the shipowner, expressed in $/day. Argus will consider for inclusion in the assessment lumpsum values, round-voyage day rates, and their components, including laden and ballast day rates and ballast fuel cost rates.

Argus Round Voyage Rates will be published daily for the following benchmark routes:

  • ARV1: Australia-northeast Asia
  • ARV2: USGC-northwest Europe
  • ARV3: USGC-northeast Asia

Please contact in London (tel. +44 (0) 20 7199 3490), or in Singapore (tel. +65 6496 9927) with any questions or comments.

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Why TFDE rates?

Day rate assessments for dual- and tri-fuel diesel electric (TFDE) tankers, which dominate the spot freight market, capture the most liquidity and best represent the price risks inherent in chartering LNG vessels around the world.

Argus LNG Daily subscribers also receive assessments for steam turbine and two-stroke tankers.

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Understand more about LNG freight rates and why Argus TFDE day rates are the benchmark that the market needs.

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    Get our answers to the most frequently asked questions, including how we assess freight rates and why a day rate is the right choice for a benchmark.

LNG freight news

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Key prices

Argus PA code Bloomberg Ticker Refinitiv RIC Marketview Symbol 
LNG freight day rate TFDE - east of Suez  PA0017305 FR31F237 LNGFR05=ARG PA00173050PRPT
LNG freight day rate TFDE - west of Suez PA0017304 FR31F236 LNGFR04=ARG PA00173040PRPT
LNG freight day rate steam turbine - east of Suez PA0009979 FR31F235 LNGDNAM4=ARG PA00099790PRPT
LNG freight day rate steam turbine - west of Suez PA0009978 FR31F234 LNGDNA3=ARG PA00099780PRPT
LNG freight day rate two-stroke - east of Suez PA0026362 NG23N150 LNFETEST=AVG PA00263620PRPT
LNG freight day rate two-stroke - west of Suez PA0026361 NG23N151 LNFETWST=AVG PA00263610PRPT

Our methodology

Argus assesses TFDE freight rates based on a survey of active market participants. Assessments are of the laden day rate for a standard, fungible vessel, offered cold for single-cargo fixtures beginning between five days after the date of assessment and the end of the following calendar month, with the following specifications:

  • Vessel size: 155,000-165,000m³
  • Dual-fuel diesel electric (DFDE) vessels are considered part of the TFDE assessment
  • Typical boil-off: 0.1-0.125pc
  • Ice-class carriers are excluded from the assessment

View the full methodology here.



To participate in the Argus assessment process, please contact: Argus LNG Daily Editor, Harry Homan, in London; or Asia LNG Editor, Camille Klass, in Singapore.

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