ARGUS Spot Ticker

Optimise your cost decisions with real-time pricing

As a complement to the Argus US Products report, the Argus Spot Ticker platform provides intra-day pricing to the US markets for gasoline, diesel, heating oil, ethanol and RINs in real time throughout the day. The Argus Spot Ticker platform is a valuable price and risk management tool for the downstream US fuel markets.

Price indicators that are only available in the Argus Spot Ticker platform include:

  • Prices and differentials that reflect the transactable value in real time
  • Benchmark prices at four timestamps throughout the day that use a volume-weighted average (VWA) of futures as the basis
  • Real-time spread values between markets and between grades
  • Finished gasoline prices at 1:30pm and 2:30pm CST
  • Low and high prices based on the current differential and the current futures

With the Argus Spot Ticker platform you can:

  • Have greater visibility in the market before end-of-day Argus prices
  • Optimise fuel buying and selling decisions
  • Anticipate the market, not just follow it
  • Have confidence in market values
  • See your risks coming before they arrive
  • Improve your fuel margins
Argus Spot Ticker

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