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At Argus we have been analysing the energy transition since its inception. We have extensively reported on the gradual shifts in the global energy mix and the increasing role of different renewable fuels. The energy transition offers both tough challenges and huge opportunities. Far from affecting only the power sector, its impacts stretch out to industries as diverse as oil, fertilizers, gas, utilities, agriculture, metals, shipping, haulage and aviation.

Countries and companies continue to wrestle with reducing and ultimately eliminating carbon from their environments and energy value chains. The need for authoritative information on fuels, industrial heat, power and chemical raw materials has never been greater.

Argus now offers an online delivery of hydrogen market news in real-time. Simply complete the form to request access. This includes news from our own dedicated ‘H2’ news desk, further supported by the information curated from our news gathering platform across 26 offices globally covering all major trade centers.

Argus’ on the ground presence helps us combine both greenfield build-out and brownfield adjustment hydrogen news. Argus is unique — our Hydrogen and Future Fuels Service delivers news generated by our different market teams covering oil and gas, utilities, solid fuels, fertilizers, metals and marine fuels. We provide a more in-depth view of the opportunities and challenges being faced by different sectors of the economy as they move towards becoming fully carbon neutral.

Key features of the service

  • Country and regional policies
  • Corporate activity
  • Vectors including ammonia
  • Supply and demand
  • Technology development
  • Storage and transmission

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