29 outubro - 31 outubro 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Argus Biomass Nordics and Baltics

  • 09:00
  • -
  • 12:00
  • The new movement towards an agri business: Examining key trends, economics, trade flows and investments – how to get your agri business off the ground
  • What different commodities are being used for fuel blends?
  • What are the benefits of utilising agricultural feeds?
  • What are the current challenges to security of supply?
  • How are buyers changing their sourcing strategies?
  • Building a completely new supply chain
  • How does shipping and infrastructure support the movement of agricultural residues?

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for biomass players working in and out of the Nordic and Baltic region looking to evaluate the use of agricultural residues in their fuel mix. It's designed for Heads of Biomass Departments, Heads of Fuel, Sourcing and Import Managers who are looking to restructure their supply structures and secure biomass sources for future contracts, and Export and Supply Managers, who are looking to work collaboratively and learn how to best meet demand by utilising new sources of feedstock.

Why you should attend the workshop?

Your time spent at the workshop will involve understanding the new interest in agricultural residues, economics of this new market and best practice. You will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of how to safeguard against a future lack of supply by utilising new feed, and understand viewpoints from different regions. Work closely with peers in this interactive setting, learn best practices for future trade, and start to build long-term business relationships.

Led by: 

Didzis Palejs, Wood Chip Sourcing and Sales Specialist, CM Biomass, President, Bioenergy Europe

** Refreshments will be served throughout the workshop