28 agosto - 29 agosto 2018

Argus LiCoNi 2018

Featured speakers

Alex Khodov
Principal Nickel Market Analyst, Norilsk Nickel
Amreeta Eng
Director, Trade & Business Services, Enterprise Singapore
Bruce Richardson
Managing Director, Anson Resources
Bryce Lee
Director of CSR, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
Carlos Vicens
Director & CFO, Neo Lithium
Emily Hersh
Co-host, Global Lithium Podcast
Geoff McNamara
Partner, Medea Natural Resources
Jessica Fung
Vice President, Pala Investment
Jon Hykawy
President and Director, Stormcrow
Lance Hooper
President & Chief Operating Officer, Director, Cobalt Blockchain Inc.
Mike Rosenstreich
Managing Director, Hexagon Resources
Oscar Wehtje
Head of Product Development, London Metal Exchange