Alternative marine fuels

Alternative marine fuels

The marine fuel sector is decarbonising. International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements and EU legislation is driving this change alongside consumer demand for low carbon solutions. 

These drivers have prompted shipowners to invest in alternative marine fuels including; marine biodiesel, bio-methanol, grey methanol, LNG, ammonia and hydrogen. 

Argus provides pricing, insights, and intelligence for the fast-growing alternative marine fuels market with independent news, analysis, and market commentary on emerging changes and trends so you can stay ahead. 

How do alternative marine fuel prices compare to VLSFO prices?

Latest alternative marine fuels news

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What has Argus launched? B30 biodiesel for bunkering prices on a delivered, on-board basis for Houston and New York. They are published daily in Argus Marine Fuels and Argus Americas Biofuels.

Argus has launched the world’s first market assessed marine biodiesel price for the world’s busiest port. The price is assessed on a dob basis and published daily in Argus Marine Fuels and Argus Biofuels.

November 2022. As marine gasoil supply tightens and shipowners seek more sustainable options, marine biodiesel, a blend of Advanced Fame 0 and very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO), could provide a reasonably competitive, low sulphur and low carbon alternative. This white paper examines dynamics including demand and pricing for the fuel.

A suite of marine biodiesel indexes for northwest Europe compliant with the Renewable Energy Directive on a delivered on board basis for Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp. The price suite includes B10, B20, B30, B50 and B100 indexes that are published daily in Argus Biofuels and Argus Marine Fuels reports.

Marine fuel suppliers and shipowners often use very-low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) wholesale (barge and cargo) prices and crude (Brent and Dubai) prices to hedge their VLSFO for bunkering sales and purchases. The significance of VLSFO wholesale and crude as hedging tools fell this year. Argus’ outright VLSFO bunker assessments are informed by a robust number of daily deals and are the best tool to use in contact indexations.

April 2022. California starting next year will require commercial harbor craft vessels in the state to burn renewable diesel (R99) instead of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD), increasing their marine fuel bills. The state’s environmental agency, California Air Resource Board (CARB), expects the switch to R99 to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 30pc and particulate matter emissions by 10pc.

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Global alternative fuels vessel databases

Argus Marine Fuels includes access to proprietary data in three downloadable databases, providing essential insights into the changing marine fuels market.
  • Spot deals and firm quotes

    Daily, non-confidential, international, spot marine fuel deals and firm quotes gathered by Argus. This list of spot deals gives buyers and sellers understanding where they stand price-wise compared with their competitors. Argus’ daily deals/quotes detail the port, type of fuel, size of the deal, price, delivery method and delivery dates. It does not include counterparties’ names.
  • Alternative fuels vessels and supplier list

    Argus lists vessels that are burning alternative marine fuels, including methanol, biofuels, ammonia, hydrogen, LNG, LPG, as well as those running on batteries. The database is updated every month.
  • Scrubbers

    Argus’ scrubber database is the only database to provide granular vessels details such as vessel name, owner, IMO number, deadweight, etc.. The database is updated every month. It contains over 4,300 records and counting.

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  • ARGUS Marine Fuels

    A fonte mais completa de preços diários de combustíveis marítimos, oferecendo cobertura global com acesso a insights exclusivos do mercado, o serviço é essencial para qualquer pessoa envolvida em transporte marítimo.
  • ARGUS Marine Fuels Outlook

    Serviço trimestral que fornece notícias e insight, dados de oferta e demanda e projeções de preços para o mercado global de combustíveis marítimos.
  • ARGUS Marine Fuels Forward Curves

    Indicadores diários para vários combustíveis marítimos, fornecendo uma ampla visão contínua de 24 meses dos preços futuros mensais.
  • ARGUS Freight

    Este serviço fornece indicadores diários de frete, notícias e análises. É uma fonte essencial de inteligência de mercado para todos os participantes do setor expostos aos custos de transporte marítimo.
  • ARGUS Green Ammonia Strategy Report

    Focused on ammonia as a low or zero-carbon energy carrier
Navegando na transição energética

Navegando na transição energética

A transição energética oferece desafios e grandes oportunidades. Longe de afetar apenas o setor de energia, todas as grandes indústrias estão procurando transformar a forma como produzem, armazenam, transportam e consomem energia. A necessidade de informações confiáveis sobre combustíveis, calor industrial, energia e matérias-primas químicas nunca foi tão grande.

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