Derivados de petróleo

Derivados de petróleo

Derivados de petróleo

Os serviços da Argus cobrem toda a gama de produtos refinados de petróleo em todo o mundo, utilizando nossas metodologias transparentes e apropriadas ao mercado. Desde os principais preços de produtos refinados de petróleo na Europa até os mercados emergentes de combustível no México, a Argus possui conhecimento específico do setor, o que nos qualifica a fornecer análises de alto nível e precificação nas quais nossos clientes confiam.

Conheça os principais preços de derivados de petróleo

Market coverage

Argus data quality

Poor data can cause serious problems for your business. Gaps and weaknesses in the data that you use can undermine the quality and accuracy of your insight and analysis, reducing confidence in your decision making.

Argus refined products coverage

Price assessments are a crucial part of keeping the refined products supply chain moving. If you work in refined products markets, you need transparent pricing on which you can rely. For 50 years Argus has been a leading authority of independent pricing views.
  • Driving Discussions podcast series

    This podcast series examines the market forces that impact road fuels across the globe. Argus’ leading industry experts will breakdown information on shifts in supply and demand, price trends, trade flows, geopolitical and regulatory implications, and growing low-carbon targets. Each episode focuses on different themes and different regions, keeping you informed of the latest market development globally.
  • Argus oil trade route maps

    The increased volatility in prices for oil products and clean tankers freight rates is keeping the market on its toes. As trade routes and arbitrages grow unstable, a comprehensive view into the links between products and shipping costs is required. These weekly maps give you that view.

Argus provides prices for your business

Refiners and suppliers

Argus price assessments enable you to price your production contracts with confidence. Benchmark the performance of each segment of your refinery, and each group in your company. From the crude distillation unit, to the trading group, to the marketing team and right down to the rack.


Argus price assessments form the backbone of bulk contracts, wholesale contracts, exchange contracts and everything in between. Futures are also available for clearing on the major exchanges, giving you the option of hedging your exposure.


Many supplies buy oil products based on Argus prices, benchmarked to Argus prices or both. Argus provides a truly representative prices because it understands that the markets trade all day, so linking your dealt to Argus helps to eliminate risk in your business.

Infrastructure owners

Are you faced with truing up inventories at the end of a cycle? Valuing what is left in the tank? Determining investment needs for the next two years? Argus’ robust spot market assessments and cutting-edge intelligence have you covered.


Argus’ oil product services provide cutting-edge market intelligence and truly representative market prices. Whether you need live pricing in key physical spot markets, updates on what is driving prices or a price to settle your books against, Argus can meet your requirements.

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