ARGUS Ukrainian Motor Fuels

The Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels service includes a daily report published in Russian featuring price assessments for imported gasoline and diesel, as well as fuels produced in Ukraine.

We provide comparative efficiency indexes for exports of Belarusian oil products and Russian diesel supplied by pipeline to Ukraine and northwest Europe. The Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels service publishes monthly summary reports on production and imports/exports of light oil products including jet fuel (based on railway and customs statistics) and analysis of price trends in the domestic oil products market. The publication also covers diesel and gasoline prices on Ukrainian borders for delivery, as well as statistics for domestic consumption of light products.

Markets covered

  • Daily prices for А-92 and А-95 gasoline, and prices for summer and winter diesel in the Ukrainian market
  • Daily prices for imported А-92 and А-95 gasoline and diesel on Ukrainian borders, at the Novograd-Volynsky terminal and at ports
  • Overview of the Ukrainian gasoline and diesel markets
  • Global price assessments for light oil products
  • Comparative efficiency of fuel shipments from Belarus and Russia to Ukraine and Europe

Key features

  • Updated price review for the oil products market
  • Detailed coverage of the wholesale market
  • Data on intra-day trade
  • Exclusive news on the markets for oil products/motor fuels
  • Transparent methodology

Customers that benefit

The accurate, reliable and up-to-date information published in the Argus Ukrainian Motor Fuels service is used daily to assist in business decisions. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Ukrainian fuel retailers and other importers of oil products use the information contained in the report to set wholesale prices and evaluate their market decisions.
  • Crude importers such as Ukrainian oil refiners can compare their preferred wholesale prices to Argus' data and make trading decisions.
  • Suppliers of oil products to Ukraine such as foreign refiners use the information to assess the profitability of selling motor fuels to Ukraine and northwest Europe, by monitoring prices in the Ukrainian and other regional markets.
  • Customs, antimonopoly and government agencies need this information to assess customs duties and taxes on imports and exports of motor fuels and to use market mechanisms and comply with anti-monopoly laws covering pricing in the wholesale and retail sectors.

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