18 ноября 2019
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Argus LPG Awards for Excellence

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Trader of the Year – Individual Award

In this dynamic trading and business environment, judges will be looking for entries from either domestic or international traders who have shown creativity in trade activities. Entries should showcase success and leadership in adapting to changes in trade flows, opening up of new supply sources and demand centres in support of the LPG community and local economies. 

Judges will be looking for individuals who are committed to long-term sustainable business partnerships, who can demonstrate success in new regions, work collaboratively with any logistical partners, and whose company has gained ground on their market competitors.
Judges will consider trading activities, contracts or partnerships established between November 2018 – November 2019


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Executive of the Year Award

For this award, the judges will be looking at those celebrated C-level executives who have excelled in demonstrating leadership that has been critical to the success of their business. The judging panel will look out for those who can give examples of strategic initiatives that have strengthened or improved the business’ position in the LPG industry. 

Entries will be considered for those who encourage high professional standards amongst their peers, support innovation within their business and inspire creativity.

Judges will consider executive achievements throughout their year, with a particular emphasis on success since November 2018


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Shipbroker of the Year Award

The Shipbroker of the Year award recognises a company which offers overall excellence in customer service, operational efficiency and one which has built sustainable long-term relationships with ship owners and the wider LPG industry over the years.

Judges will look for businesses who have sound knowledge on cargo trading patterns, offer cost effective shipping rates, and works fairly between buyer and seller during negotiations. The winner should demonstrate their success in vessel sourcing, and all-round service and competitive edge to transporting global LPG

Judges will consider shipbroking activities or deals between January 2018 – November 2019


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Infrastructure Project Award

As the LPG industry becomes more global, with more international trading routes emerging, investments in new infrastructure projects is crucial in helping deliver LPG and its derivatives to market. Infrastructure projects can include anything from storage facilities, ports and terminal projects to new LPG fractionation. 

The winner of the infrastructure project award will illustrate an excellence in driving project management through to implementation and execution. Applicants should showcase a creative approach to design and the benefits of the new build to the LPG industry. It will also be advantageous to illustrate a smooth operation, with any hurdles met with financial, landowner issues, public acceptance or regulations. 

Judges may also take sustainable elements into consideration that may reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Judges will consider infrastructure projects that are either underway or were completed by June 2019


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Industry Rising Star – Company Award

The Industry Rising Star award recognises the overall achievements of a start-up business or an existing business that has gone above and beyond, and has taken their business into a new field or new product.  

The judging panel will look for businesses who are establishing themselves as an influential player in the LPG market, and who has gained ground on the industry’s leading competitors and market makers. Winning entrants may have advanced on the global stage, adopted new products or solutions across the value chain, or invested in their own innovative products. 

Winners should showcase how their company has been fluid amidst any market changes and show progressive signs for long-term success.

Judges will consider businesses launched since January 2012


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Investing in People Award

Recognising exceptional operations and developmental strategies, judges will look for a company who can demonstrate its vision of achieving excellence through their people’s performance. Entries should showcase how they’re fostering talent, diversity, supporting career progression and investing in training and development strategies that enable their team to grow and flourish. 

The winning organisation will be able to showcase development strategies across varied career routes and their aims of fostering talent to deliver exceptional service to their clients. It will also be advantageous to submit quantifiable metrics to measure how training activities have impacted the LPG business and their services.

Judges will consider development and investor programmes between November 2018 – September 2019


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Technology Innovation Award

Entries for the technology award are open to technology companies or individuals working for the benefit of the LPG industry. This award is for technology in its broadest sense, whether that be engineering, HSE, digital or any other technology that adds value to the LPG industry and the people that work in it.

This category celebrates those companies, individuals or industry associations who have excelled at developing and deploying innovative technology. Entrants must demonstrate that have developed new technology, deployed technology successfully or played a key role in its uptake across the industry. Judges will be looking for technology which has made the LPG industry safer, more successful and more sustainable.

The winner will be picked based on a technological solution being one-of-a-kind and evidently improved the LPG business.

Judges will consider new technologies that were deployed from November 2018


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Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Entries are open to influential players across the entire LPG value chain including; LPG producers, suppliers, traders, marketing and distribution companies, shipping and logistics.

For this award, the industry will recognise a company who has immersed their business in prioritising corporate social responsibility in their work and has already made a positive influence where they operate. 

Entrants will illustrate their success in this field by demonstrating the positive impact they have had through their work with communities and other stakeholders. This could be through efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the business, contributions to communities in which the business operates, or through initiatives that demonstrate their commitment to their social responsibilities in the long term.

Judges will consider all sustainable programmes, those in affect and those scheduled to continue into 2020


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New Frontiers Award

This award demonstrates the work done to increase LPG penetration in nascent markets whether they be geographic or developing new sources of demand. Companies may have successfully done business in new markets or may either be collaborating or in a joint venture. 

To qualify for this award, companies must show a deep understanding of operating in new markets and illustrate how they are working collaboratively with internal governments, thought-leaders and consumers to develop new markets for LPG. This must be governments in new geographical markets but equally may be other stakeholders when developing new centres of demand.

The winner will be picked based on their accomplishments that showcase the relevance of stakeholder engagement as a means to constructive change and demonstrate tenacity in identifying and addressing any public challenges. The judges will look for illustrations of key strategies that reflect the needs, vision and long-term planning of the market they’re penetrating.

Judges will consider companies that are currently active in this area


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Advocacy Award

The Advocacy Award will celebrate those policy makers, NGOs or companies who are actively influencing government action to improve the environment, safety of LPG use and the overall industry.

Entries must showcase examples of verbal or written communication which has had a direct impact on changing legislation, government incentives, new regulations or industry investments. Judges will look for a winning company which has put their business in the spotlight with an aim to have a positive impact on the LPG market by prompting its environmental safety and economic benefits.

Judges will consider companies who have been actively lobbying since November 2018


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Further  information

Awards categories have been created this year after a consultation process with industry players and some internal brainstorming as we strive to keep up with the changing nature of this industry. 

A panel of judges will assess every entry on merit, ensuring that integrity and independence are maintained throughout.

If you have questions, please contact the Argus LPG Awards team at +44 (0) 20 7780 4341 or lpgawards@argusmedia.com.