The Weight of Freight content series

The Weight of Freight content series

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20 января 2022

Weight of Freight: Coal WoF falls in 2021, despite record dry bulk rates

A sharp increase in coal prices offset record high dry bulk freight rates in 2021, so there was no increase in the ‘Weight of Freight’ — or freight cost as a percentage of the delivered price of the commodity — for international shippers.


Транспортировка Уголь Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe FSU Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America English

03 января 2022

Weight of freight: Naphtha tests positive for clean tankers

The year 2021 marked a new paradigm for the tanker freight market, with shipowners recording huge losses and record-low earnings. The rollercoaster drop from highs just a year ago made it feel worse. But the year-end holidays are behind us and clean tanker freight rates...


Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East Транспортировка Нефтепродукты

28 декабря 2021

Weight of Freight: Powering through the pandemic with the Panama Canal’s deputy administrator

This latest Weight of Freight podcast episode focuses on the effects of the pandemic on the Panama Canal, logistical changes made at the canal over the prior year and the increased transit volumes it saw during its 2021 fiscal year.


Транспортировка Latin America and Caribbean Global English

17 декабря 2021

Weight of Freight: Clean tankers - ending the year with Omicron

This latest Weight of Freight podcast focuses on the current and possible forward state of the clean tanker markets in the East and West of Suez. Fundamentally, demand is strong, but Covid-19 refuses to let the world move on.


Нефтепродукты Нефтехимия Транспортировка Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe English

17 декабря 2021

From the Economist's Chair: Freight costs underpin surging inflation

Sustained inflationary pressures will likely pull interest rate rises forward in 2022, albeit central banks must tread carefully to avoid derailing post-pandemic recovery.


Транспортировка Global English Asia-Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America Уголь Нефть Удобрения Сжиженный газ Металлы Природный газ Нефтепродукты Нефтехимия

24 ноября 2021

Weight of Freight: The third quarter was hard on tankers, is optimism justified?

The third quarter for tanker owners was "among the most challenging for our market in recent memory" the chief executive of Belgian dirty tanker owner Euronav, Hugo de Stoop, says.


Нефть Нефтепродукты Транспортировка Global Africa Asia-Pacific Europe FSU Latin America and Caribbean Middle East North America English

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