Global ferrous prices

Global ferrous prices

Global ferrous prices

Argus’ comprehensive coverage of the global ferrous markets provide independent price assessments, news and market analysis for iron ore, coking coal, ferrous scrap, pig iron and steel.

Our global team of experts in China, Singapore, the UK and US provide more than 250 domestic and seaborne price assessments along with detailed market commentary on a daily basis to ensure our clients have complete mine to mill price coverage.

The Argus price assessments include the following industry benchmarks on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group):

Also included are the established Argus price indices for 62pc and 65pc iron ore fines, Turkish ferrous scrap imports, and our fob Australia and cfr China premium hard coking coal indices.

Our coverage of the global ferrous industry provides companies across the entire value chain with valuable insight to optimise their purchasing and sales activity and manage their risk and exposure.

Argus’ independent, high-quality and extensive coverage of metals and raw materials supports market participants with their contract settlement and indexation, commercial activity and strategic planning. Customers we service include:

  • Mining companies
  • Recycling companies
  • Trading houses
  • Automotive producers
  • Financial institutions
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Steelmakers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Government bodies
  • Construction companies


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Market coverage

Argus provides in-depth, daily price assessments and market coverage for the entire steel and raw materials value chain in our Argus Ferrous Markets service. Our market-leading coverage includes:

Iron ore

Argus provides 85 daily price series for iron ore, including our established price indices for 62pc and 65pc iron ore fines, which are used by many of the largest miners and traders to settle their contracts. Argus’ granular iron ore coverage brings greater transparency to all parts of the industry so market participants can act on accurate and reliable data.

Coking coal

Our coking coal coverage provides 62 daily price series for coking and PCI coal, and includes the Argus fob Australia and cfr China premium HCC indices, which are commonly used between coking coal producers and steel mills around the world.

Ferrous scrap

Argus provides the widest range of scrap prices available anywhere, with a focus on regional pricing and local value to provide indicative costs for the regions with the highest volume of scrap consumption and trade. The new LME Steel Scrap CFR Taiwan (Argus) futures contract will be settled against the Argus price assessment, and clients receive this daily price assessment as soon as it’s published to support their commercial activity and risk management.


Our global steel team delivers 130 daily price series for semi-finished and finished steel across global markets, including the benchmark settlement prices for three HRC futures contracts listed on the LME and CME in Asia and Europe. We provide price assessments for all key semi-finished and finished products across steel plate, long products and sheet products to support all areas of the downstream steel industry.

If you and your colleagues would like to see more information for the detailed coverage in our Argus Ferrous Markets service, please provide your details via the form below and the Argus team in your region will contact you shortly.

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