ARGUS Global Polypropylene

Argus Global Polypropylene is a weekly pricing service with global resin prices and detailed commentary on key polymer grades.

The industry-leading report is read by polypropylene professionals globally. The report serves as a pricing reference in the contract and spot markets.

Markets covered

  • Feedstocks: Crude, naphtha and propane
  • Monomer: Propylene
  • PP raffia
  • PP fibre
  • PP copolymer


Key features

  • Detailed feedstock information on crude, naphtha, propane and propylene
  • China PDH-PP tracker and news
  • Propane margins analysis
  • Global pricing and fundamental information by country and region
  • Coverage of Dalian futures market
  • Production and outage news
  • New plant data
  • Buy-side information
  • FMCG analysis
  • Polypropylene freight assessments
  • News on supply chain and weather disruption impacting polymers

Key benefits

  • Access to Argus Direct: Receive the latest market reporting from around the world, quickly and conveniently
  • Track your markets, your way: Effortlessly track, compare and set up alerts for your key prices and markets
  • Compare key prices and trends: Use powerful custom graphing to directly compare multiple prices
  • Access comprehensive market data and downloads: Examine extensive raw data files, with currency and unit conversions
  • Receive daily market reporting and intelligence: Key headlines, insightful commentaries and pricing snapshots delivered to your inbox
  • Get full market clarity: Stay up-to-date with the what, where and why through our continuous regional coverage


Customers that benefit

Argus Global Polypropylene provides prices used in a wide range of end-use industries. Below are examples of how clients use our service:

  • Refiners and petrochemicals producers involved in selling and distributing polypropylene.
  • PDH producers involved in manufacturing propylene and polypropylene.
  • Distributors and traders involved in buying and selling plastic resins, which use our prices as accurate and impartial reference.
  • Large convertors that require market data to create the next stage of their business plans gain insight from our coverage.
  • FMCGs, OEMs and airlines rely on our prices for accurate assessments of the value of plastic resins.


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