30 June 2020
Online conference

Argus Oil Products Market 2020: Global Challenges

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  • Products demand AMID crisis. View from Europe Josefine Ahlström - VP, Business Development, Europe, Argus
  • Corona virus and the European oil products market – demand impact and refinery responses to the crisis
  • The return to normality for the refineries – new normal or same old?
  • Renewable energy targets – does the crisis mean the environmental pressure is coming off the global transport market?
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  • Russia's refining industry and its prospects in the period of turbulence. State regulation of the market Representative - The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Representative, The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
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  • Russian products exports: current situation and expectations Elvira Chukmarova - Senior Editor, Argus
  • Up-to-date indicators of products exports
  • Changes of deliveries destinations due to coronavirus pandemic
  • Outsider products: when shall demand strengthen?
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  • Exporter’s perspective on the European diesel market. The future of the Russian product in view of increased competition Alexey Kornienkov - Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development Department, Gazprom Neft Trading
  • Diesel market dynamics in North-West Europe and Germany: when will demand rebound?
  • How will the crises change volumes of imports from Russia?
  • How European refineries’ margins will develop?


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  • Central Asian products market: domestic markets, export outlets, pricing mechanisms Rauf Guseynov - Senior Editor, Argus
  • Changes at Kazakhstan market
  • Quarantine measures effect on the Central Asia market
  • Demand decline as the major factor of regional market destabilization
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  • The future of air transportation market and jet demand Andrew Matters - Deputy Chief Economist, IATA

Expert of discussion:
Grazvydas Bajoras, Senior Manager of BD&Sales, Russia and CIS, BP

  • COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the global air transport industry: what are the prospects for industry recovery?
  • The key risks to this outlook and the implications for the sector’s fuel demand 
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  • Russia’s oil industry prospects in 2020. The year of major shift Sergey Agibalov - Head of Crude & Refined Products Consulting, Argus
  • Covid-19 effect over crude and products markets
  • How will Russian crude production fall due to the new deal, and what will be crude exports profitability 
  • Federal budget and companies losses due to oil prices fall 
  • How will the current crisis hit the refining? 
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  • Trade flows diversification in a crisis: The forces shaping trade flows and the decisions to cut production or seek storage? Fabio Kuhn - Co-Founder and CEO, Vortexa
  • Emerging patterns in oil products global flows as demand picks up around the world
  • A view of the floating storage of oil products and what it means for global balances
  • The unusual link between freight markets and refining margins, through storage costs