Global LPG Conversations

Global LPG Conversations

The Global LPG Conversations podcast delivers data driven insights and commentary from leading experts in the LPG and NGL industry. This series explores the market in different geographical regions, discussing news, indexes, prices, trades, and much more. Argus podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher, and the Argus Blog.

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Latest episodes of Global LPG Conversations

23 九月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: US Propane stocks levels ahead of the winter heating season

Join Amy Strahan, editor of Argus’s NGL Americas report, and Brian O’Rourke, Argus’s Vice President of Business Development for Natural Gas Liquids and Olefins, as they discuss current inventory levels for US propane stocks, and the importance of those stocks as the Nor...


北美 液化石油气/NGL 英语

14 九月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: The bioLPG market in 2030

In this episode of Global LPG Conversations, Kristen Mueller, Argus Principal for LPG Consulting, and David Appleton, Argus’ vice-president of LPG discuss:


英语 液化石油气/NGL 全球市场

11 八月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: Argus LPG World Storage Survey 2022

Argus experts discuss key takeaways from the biennial Argus global LPG storage survey.


非洲 英语 欧洲 FSU 全球市场 液化石油气/NGL 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美 成品油

14 七月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: European large cargo markets 1H update

Argus experts discuss recent trends in northwest European LPG markets where sustained weakness relative to crude oil benchmarks has endured on strong US imports.


全球市场 欧洲 液化石油气/NGL 英语 北美

27 六月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: Bio LPG and renewable DME key development

Argus experts discuss recent developments and investments in Bio LPG and renewable DME.


液化石油气/NGL 全球市场 英语 欧洲 FSU 北美 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 非洲 亚太地区 中东

06 五月 2022

Global LPG Conversations: LPG freight trends so far in 2022

In this edition of Global LPG Conversations, Argus VP David Appleton and Senior Reporter Jamie Aldridge talk about recent trends and drivers in global LPG freight rates.


液化石油气/NGL 运输 全球市场 英语 亚太地区 欧洲 拉丁美洲和加勒比地区 中东 北美


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